Crush Bunny

Available now on iPhone\iPod Touch

The end of the world is nigh! Play God as you endeavour to save the inhabitants from certain destruction! Use special powers to heal, protect and influence your bunny subjects helping them to dodge incoming meteors.

Create rivers, shelters and blockades, seed and grow carrots, heal injured bunnies and earn new and upgraded powers as you progress.

Includes mini-games and frequent planned updates!

The gameplay is simple, quick and entertaining. Direct falling meteors away from the inhabitants by tilting your device and protect them using your god-like magical powers or see them get squished! Heal them, build them shelters, influence their movements and help them survive!

For each meteor that impacts without killing any of the inhabitants you are rewarded with Money. Money can be used to buy special abilities and to help the inhabitants. If any of the inhabitants should get squelched you lose money.

Online Enabled!

Crush Bunny is fully integrated with AGON Online, a complete social platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games. It is a location-aware online high score system, complete with profiles, friends, awards etc. Think Xbox LIVE on-the-go.

Game Awards\Achievements

Artful Dodger
Complete a level without using any special powers
Rabbit Stu
Survive a level where more than 10 bunnies are killed
Bazooka Trooper
Complete Bazooka mode without wasting a shot
Disco Diva
Don’t miss a button in Disco mode
Back from the Brink
Heal a bunny that is about to die
Time Lord
Played the game for an accumulated 4 hours
Six Shooter
Use six unique special power in one level
The Accountant
End a level with the same money your started with
Junior Medic
Heal 2 bunnies
Heal 20 bunnies
Medic Master
Heal 50 bunnies
Manic Medic
Heal 75 bunnies
Perfect Round
Complete a level without any deaths or wounds
5+ bunnies on fire at one time
The Collector
Unlock four additional Special Powers
Completed on Easy
Complete the game in Easy difficulty
Completed on Medium
Complete the game in Medium difficulty
Completed on Hard
Complete the game in Hard difficulty

We’d like your help!

We love good constructive feedback; indeed Pop Slide (one of our other games) benefitted massively as a result of good feedback! If there is something you think would make a good addition to this game let us know! Either by posting a review in the App Store or through this website!