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All Shook Up! is a fast, fun game for iPhone and iPod Touch that features both Arcade and Classic modes of play and more than 2050 levels!

Drag and shake as you play through two game modes in three difficulties. Sharpen your mind with Arcade mode where you get rewarded for correct moves.

Or play in Classic mode where you can take your time to solve each puzzle with word unscrambler cheat.

Waiting for that meeting to start? Travelling? Killing time? This is the ideal distraction to while away those minutes!

This is definitely one of the better word games out there and really makes great use of the controls possible with the iPhone and iPod touch. Recommended!

– 224Fairway


The aim of the game is simple. The bottom of the screen contains one or two jumbled up words, all you have to do is drag those jumbled up letters from the bottom rows to form words in the top rows.

In Arcade mode you are only able to make a certain number of wrong moves per puzzle before failing and moving on to the next. But correctly placed pieces are locked in place and you receive a clue piece already in position. You can shake the device at any time to rearrange the puzzle. There are no time limits!

In Classic mode you receive no lives, hints or help. But you can make as many moves as you like and you can also skip puzzles to play later if you get stuck! This mode offers a more traditional Anagram style puzzle for users to solve very much like the once you would find in a puzzle magazine.

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Game Features

  • Drag and Drop Gameplay
  • Shake and tilt enabled
  • Auto-save on exit

Arcade Mode

  • Fast paced and fun reward based play

Classic Mode

  • Solve puzzles in a more traditional manner

3 Modes of Difficulty

  • Play Easy, Medium or Hard, each with different word lists and challenges.
  • 2050+ Real-word puzzles with tens of thousands of possibilities!